Sunday, March 11, 2012

My "Assassin" Experience

Being a blogger can have many advantages. One can be a reason (or excuse) to be able to contact your favorite authors. While starting my blog, I contacted Toni Aleo (author of Taking Shots and the upcoming Trying to Score) for some information. Through that, I feel that I can safely say we have become friends. (yeah)  Luckily, my family was stopping in Chattanooga, TN during our Spring Break trip so I was able to meet up with Toni and her friend Jackie at the March 8th Nashville Predators game. Oh my goodness, did we have an awesome time!!

Left side, behind bench, white
sweatshirt with yellow on either side
Why, hello there!
We ended up having seats right behind the Preds bench. Yes, we were this close *pinches fingers close together* to Toni's Shea Weber... not to mention the rest of the team.  That's right... this photo was without zoom... we were this close!!  *sigh*

Don't you just want to reach 
out and touch somebody?!?!

The Predators played the Colorado Avalanche. They had an awesome game and won 4-2.

OK... enough with the technical stuff... on to the fun stuff!!!

This is back up goalie Andres Lindback... the Assassin's Series readers might be learning more about him soon!!  ;)

Yes... that IS Shea looking right at Toni's camera!

Toni, Jackie and I... see how close we are... ahh, it was awesome!!

For those who have seen my reply to Toni's quest to have us all find our hockey crush... I discovered Craig Smith. (See previous post for more info. hehehe) Now for the sad part of the evening... keep in mind that I had traveled 700 miles to see this hockey match... After watching the Predators emerge from the tunnel for their pre-game warm ups... I noticed Craig wasn't on the ice. He was a scratch so he didn't play!  :'(   Talk about making a grown woman want to cry!   However, there was a light at the end of this tunnel... we had started chatting with a Preds employee and he took sympathy upon me and my plight... He got me a personalized, autographed puck from Craig Smith!!  :) Totally made my night!!  Thank you Craig... and my knight in shining armor that got it for me (you know who you are)!

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  1. That's so AWESOME! Looks like you had a great time. You were close enough to touch them! You lucky, lucky girl!