Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mini Interview with Jill Shalvis

As part of the Lucky in Love Blog Tour, I was able to ask Jill Shalvis three questions. Here is that mini interview!

Where do you usually find the inspirations for your characters' traits, strengths and flaws?

Book, TV, movies, friends, family, life … I’m a sponge.

What is your favorite romance genre to write for? ie sports, contemporary, etc

I usually stick with sexy, fun, contemporaries, sometimes with a suspense, sometimes with a sports hero … always something new and different, I hope.

How often does a story take somewhere you never even intended it to go? Can you give us an example?

Every time.  I’m surprised and taken somewhere new every single time.

Five Fun Facts for LUCKY IN LOVE

1. I wrote the hottest sex scene in this book on a road trip with a full carload of family. Every time someone asked me what I was writing, I said I was writing an article on quantum physics so no one would care enough to try to read over my shoulder.
2. My bad boy hero Ty Garrison is an ex Navy SEAL whose entire life has been one adrenaline rush after another but none of it compares to the adrenaline rush/roller coaster ride of falling in love with good girl Mallory Quinn.
3. My heroine Mallory and her best friends think that they’re the original Chocoholics but they’re not. Me and my best friends are.
4. Ty thinks he’s nothing but a walk on the wild side for Mallory, and is resistant to falling for her. What he doesn’t anticipate is Mallory taking HIM on a walk on the wild side.
5. Mallory loves Ty in his battered Levi’s and t-shirt stretched taut over his broad shoulders, dirty from being beneath his beloved muscle car working with his hands. She could watch him work with his hands all day, and so could I.

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